It started in 2007, and with taking a few years off, the event still grew. Since then we are on our 6th Annual Witches Tea Party and no doubt it will keep growing. 

Our annual tea party is about the gathering of women and takes place during tea time, the Sunday before Halloween. Many of us are professionals or also own businesses - - so it's good to take an afternoon off to relax and laugh.  The strongest potion we drink is French bubbly and the only spell we concoct is taking the time to sit a "spell" eating, sipping, and laughing - - or after listening to a recording of us naturally laughing, perhaps it's more of a cackle. 

As each woman steps into the room, it is a fashion show of the finest witchery. Regal hats, flowing gowns and capes, and even decorated brooms. There are good witches, story book witches, and even kitchen witches. The imagination flows. 

Enjoy this blog as we share our Witches Tea, as well as ideas for costumes, decor, and good eats.