Monday, September 26, 2016

The Invite: 2016

Follow the maze to a farm house in the country. 
You will pass apple trees, corn and pumpkin patches ...

Annual Witches Tea 

Will be held Hallow's Eve - The Night of the New Moon

Sunday, October 30, 2016

3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Dress appropriately in your finest witches apparel. 

Please bring a plate of witchy nibbles and a bottle of your favorite witches brew to share


Broom-pooling is suggested
How to get to your destination?
You may fly from the north or you may fly from the south, but
Set your broom in "Drive" pointing to the old highway to the Stateline Road and head west to the sunset for three miles. 

You will pass the small burg of where the Hounds of Baskerville reside. 
Beware, as the locals secretly disguise it as "Calhoonville."

Swoop up the hill on the Stateline Road 
until you see to your left, the Rickity Rencken Road.
Turn south and proceed with caution as you dodge crows and apple-faced goblins 

Rencken Road will lead you to the dead - - 
a Dead End. 
Fruitvale Road will magically appear. 
Will you turn left or will you turn right? 
Follow your witchy instincts and fly left.

Veer-off left to the curve until it drops you at Sundquist Road. 
Fly straight ahead on the old gravel road. 

Quietly pass the Mennonite school to your left.
They don't take kindly to "our kind."  

Enter with caution, the gravel road ahead of you, and to your left ... 
You have reached your destination

The Gates of the Dragon


Please RSVP before Friday, October 21 so we know how many to plan for. 
You may RSVP at our "secret" W6 Facebook page.

Be there if you dare!